“People from creative fields need to be extremely mindful of their position and also of their point of entry. It is not a problem to want to serve a certain situation, as long as you question and try to understand that situation as fully as possible, and constantly interrogate yourself, your intentions and your actions, because it is easy to become instrumentalized. Being aware of your point of entry means that before you accept an invitation to insert your practice in any given context, you first look critically at that invitation: who is asking, what is the motivation behind it, and who or what is to be served? I don’t mind being an instrument if it’s one that makes the right to produce our daily environment a possibility, and that works on self-organization, collective ownership, and new forms of sociability. An instrument that enables all of us to occupy the place we live in.”

—Dutch artist Jeanne van Heeswijk
“Preparing for the Not-Yet” in Slow Reader, a Resource for Design Thinking and Practice
Valiz, Amsterdam 2016

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